Rhythm Strawberry

Made from the freshest strawberries, the Rhythm Strawberry wine is a perfect brunch drink. Its fruity flavours are fresh, and go well with everything on the table. The delightful sweetness makes it a great choice to go with soirees or even catching up with friends over lunch!


Did you know?

A strawberry isn’t an actual berry! Berries, by definition, have their seeds on the inside, which strawberries clearly don’t and bananas do!

  • About the Fruit The strawberry fruit is procured from the strawberry orchards in Mahabaleshwar, in Western Ghats of India. The ripe fruit is plucked in the months of December to March to begin the crushing and hence the crafting of the wine. The two varieties of strawberries that give the wine its tangy-sweet taste include Sweet Charlie and Kamaroza.
  • About the Wine It has a striking pinkish-red color and a balanced acidity which marvelously complements sundowners and afternoon parties. It is an all-time favorite amongst youngsters and ladies. The best quality grapes are used as a base for the wine, which allows the fruit flavours to get expressed prominently.

    Alchohol: 12 % v/V
    Acidity: 0.7 to 0.8 %
  • Food Pairing Its semi-sweet taste and being a light-bodied fresh wine, it can be enjoyed as a standalone drink or can also be paired with savoury bites like light kebab dishes, salad sand pasta. It goes especially well with desserts like pound cakes and milk chocolates.
  • Serving Notes This wine is at its best when served chilled, at temperatures between 8-10° C, preferably in a champagne flute.
  • Tasting Notes On opening the bottle, a fresh note of strawberry pleases you with a taste of the gentle fruit that envelops the mid palate. Splashes of mouth-watering and sweet berry sensation explode throughout every sip of the Rhythm Strawberry.
  • Wine Master's Notes During fermentation, the skin is allowed to be in contact with the wine for a week with lees. It adds a special aroma to and a silky texture to the wine.

Strawberry Royale

[Serves 1]

Ingredients: ½ cup Rhythm Strawberry Wine, 1 tbsp sugar, ½ cup chilled Champagne, 1 tsp Crème de cassis [blackcurrant liquor].

Method: Mix Rhythm Strawberry Wine and sugar in a bowl and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Stir occasionally. Divide into champagne flutes ; add champagne and crème de cassis to it. Garnish with mint leaves or strawberry slices!