Rhythm Pineapple

Here is a perfect combination of the pineapple’s tropical flavours and the refined taste of a wine. Rhythm Pineapple packs a fruity punch in every sip, and is a great accompaniment to cheeses and seafood. The lingering pleasant aftertaste will transport you to the beach.


Did you know?

The Mexican culture has a traditional drink called Tepache, which is fermented from the rinds of pineapple and honey.

  • About the Fruit The ‘quins’ variety of pineapple is procured from the southern region of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala, to craft this off-dry wine.
  • About the Wine A forerunner amongst the bouquet of wines vented at Rhythm Winery, is the Rhythm Pineapple Wine. It is lovely golden in color, which is developed over the period of time. The best quality grapes are used as a base for the wine, which allows the fruit flavours to get expressed prominently.

    Alchohol: 12 - 13 % v/V
    Acidity: 0.85 to 0.9 %
  • Food Pairing Cheeses such as brie, Gouda and goat’s cheese, and desserts like cupcakes, donuts and shortbreads work well with this wine. Seafood also works well with its tropical flavours.
  • Serving Notes This wine is at its best when served chilled at temperatures between 10-12° C. This wine has an intense aroma of pineapple, so decanting for 5 to 10 minutes of opening is recommended.
  • Tasting Notes The fresh taste of ‘Queen’ Pineapple brings an inherent fruitiness to this wine. Redolent with tropical flavors it has lovely lingering aftertaste.
  • Wine Master's Notes During the initial period, it retains its fruitiness, but has great potential of developing complex flavors after a year of bottling.

Pineapple Twist

[Serves 6]

Ingredients: 1 cup crushed pineapple, 6 ozs Rhythm Pineapple, 1 ozs fresh pineapple juice, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 9 ozs sherry, 6 piapple wedges.

Method: Soak the crushed pineapple in the Rhythm Pineapple for 2 hours. Then pour it into a cocktail shaker and add all the other ingredients except the pineapple wedges. Let the mixture cool in the refrigerator. While serving pour into 6 glasses, garnish with the pineapple wedges and serve.