Rhythm Arun Kiwi

The Rhythm Kiwi is a splendid choice to serve with your favourite pasta. The flavour of kiwi is prominent, making the wine semi-sweet in a desirable way. If you enjoy the lovely fruity flavour of kiwis, this is a wine you simply cannot miss!


Did you know?

There are 400 different varieties of Kiwi fruit!

  • About the Fruit The kiwi is procured from the orchards in Arunachal Pradesh of high altitude regions such as Ziro and Dirang. Root stock is very much similar to that of grapes. The fresh and unripe fruit is plucked in the months from October to December.
  • About the Wine This wine is made from grapes and naturally blended with delicious kiwis from Arunachal Pradesh. When young, it is light green in color. Over a period, it develops a light straw color. The best quality grapes are used as a base for the wine, which allows the fruit flavours to get expressed prominently.

    Alcohol: 12 - 13 % v/V
    Acidity: 0.7 to 0.8 %
  • Food Pairing It can ideally be served as a luncheon wine or as an aperitif. The wine is aptly paired with food such as pasta in white sauce, deep-sea fish, shellfish and sushi. Its semi-sweet nature allows it to be a great stand-alone drink as well.
  • Serving Notes This wine is at its best when served chilled at temperatures between 10-12° C.
  • Tasting Notes The aroma of fresh Kiwi is prominent. Palate entry is slightly sweet, ripe and fruity; the mid-palate is ambrosial and shows a hint of tartness through all the ripe fruit. End is clean, fruity and fresh.
  • Wine Master's Notes It blends very well with Chenin grapes, as a lot of characters such as acidity and mouth-feel matches with it.

Rhythm Wine Cooler

[Serves 1]

Ingredients: 2 oz Rhythm ArunKiwi, 5 oz fresh-lime soda.

Method: Mix the Rhythm ArunKiwi and fresh-lime soda. Pour over ice cubes in a cocktail glass.